By 2030, Uzbekistan’s GDP will grow up to $160 billion — Shavkat Mirziyoyev

The President emphasized the commitment to the course of the market-based economy

Shavkat Mirziyoyev made an inaugural speech in front of both Chambers of the Oliy Majlis.

Its retelling is given by Sherzod Asadov, the presidential spokesman.

The upcoming era will be a time of major changes in political, socio-economic, cultural, humanitarian and other spheres for Uzbekistan, the Head of the State noted. According to him, the new time requires new ideas and results.

The escalation of conflicts in different parts of the World has a negative impact on the global economy. Competition for trade and investment flows is intensifying, and the number of problems in the field of food and energy security is increasing.

Global climate change, reduction of natural water resources also creates challenges for sustainable development. In this situation, Uzbekistan should choose the most effective path in politics and hold firm to it.

The introduction of the “green” economy and energy will continue. By attracting new investments, it is planned to increase GDP up to $160 billion by 2030 – Uzbekistan has the required natural, labor, and intellectual resources therefor.

The population expects new practical actions from the government, Mirziyoyev emphasized. Managers at all levels will be evaluated “not by beautiful, inflated speeches, but by clear performance results.”