Starting from March 1, 2024, business entities in Uzbekistan will no longer need 16 types of licenses and permits, according to a new decree of the head of state. This is reported by the press service of the Ministry of Justice, responsible for the development of this document.
Significant changes in the licensing and permit system include the complete abolition of 7 types of permits, such as a permit for transportation of goods, for inclusion in the register of customs carriers. Another 8 types of permits will be abolished by combining them, including the export control export permit and the license for export and import of specific goods.
Three types of licenses and permits will be converted to a notification format, which, for example, means that it will be possible to engage in the activities of a travel agent without a compulsory license.
The possibility of remote assessment of applicants for licenses and permits via video link is also provided.

The requirement for the mandatory placement of 15 thousand dollars in the Safe Tourism Fund for outbound tourism has been abolished.
Now legal entities can now independently choose the place of technical inspection for their vehicles, unlike the previous practice, when they were obliged to undergo technical inspection in places determined by the internal affairs authorities.
These changes will allow entrepreneurs to save almost 350 billion soums annually, as stated in the official report.
It was noted at the meeting with the President that entrepreneurs still need to provide additional information, despite its availability in information systems. In this regard, starting this year, 34 types of certificates and reports will be canceled, which will allow more than 21 thousand entrepreneurs to save 500 million soums annually.
The President instructed to introduce a unified reporting system, as currently there is no unified list of reports submitted by entrepreneurs.