Chairwoman of the Economic Chamber France-Uzbekistan

Joanna GOLAS


Joanna GOLAS is a specialist with an impressive educational background and multifaceted professional experience. She received her MBA in Strategy and Management from the prestigious ESSEC Business School in Paris, France, as confirmed by the AMBA Triple Crown accreditation. Her curriculum included specialization in Russian and Eastern and Central Europe, which complemented her extensive knowledge of international relations.

Building on her rich academic foundation, she has successfully applied her knowledge in practical applications. Since January 2023, she has served as President of the France-Uzbekistan Economic Chamber, where she has been actively involved in promoting business relations between the two countries.

She also worked for several years as Regional Director for International Services in Uzbekistan, where she managed the local branch of the company and researched new business opportunities.

Her experience as an independent consultant in Paris and Baku allowed Joanna to deeply analyze different market sectors in Azerbaijan and to support French companies in their expansion in this market.

She has also been actively involved in the organization and implementation of major sporting events such as the World Chess Cup and the Chess Olympiad in Azerbaijan, where she demonstrated outstanding leadership and strategic skills.

Against the backdrop of her multifaceted education and wealth of experience, Joanna is not only proficient in a number of languages, but also skilled in software such as Office, Tableau and Microsoft BI.