Today, April 11, 2024, First Deputy Chairman of the Senate S. Safoyev met with the OSCE PA delegation headed by Special Representative of the Assembly for Central Asia and Mongolia F. Karimi. Safoyev met with the OSCE PA delegation headed by the Assembly’s Special Representative for Central Asia and Mongolia F. Karimi.

During the meeting the significant growth of the role of parliamentary diplomacy in the modern world was noted. The sides agreed that it is precisely the bilateral and multilateral parliamentary dialogue that can contribute to strengthening international understanding and trust, to mobilizing the efforts of the world community in solving regional and global problems.

It was also emphasized that in recent years, thanks to the large-scale political and economic reforms underway in Uzbekistan and the implementation of a renewed foreign policy, the country’s interaction with the OSCE and its institutions has acquired a new quality.

The sides exchanged views on the state and prospects of interaction in the sphere of environmental protection, ecology and rational use of water resources.

The importance of regional approach in solving urgent issues in this field was emphasized, as ecology and water resources of Central Asia are a single interconnected complex. In this context, the representatives of the OSCE PA noted the importance of the joint initiative of the delegations of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan to adopt a special resolution of the Assembly “Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals in Central Asia”, which contains specific recommendations on attracting the potential of international organizations to implement effective measures to address pressing problems in the region.

During the conversation, the members of the OSCE PA delegation were familiarized in detail with the implementation of Uzbekistan’s Development Strategy, the increasing role of representative authorities at all levels, as well as with the vision of the Uzbek side regarding the solution of problems in the field of environment and rational use of water resources.

During the meeting, the sides agreed to develop a systemic dialog and active contacts within the OSCE PA.