On May 22nd, 2024, the Economic Chamber France-Uzbekistan held one of its regular thematic meetings dedicated to discussing the results of the Foreign Investment Council, the Tashkent International Forum and the participation of French companies in these events. These events brought together representatives of business, government agencies and international organizations interested in developing and strengthening the investment climate in Uzbekistan.

Mr. Golib Kholjigitov shared the proposals and recommendations elaborated during the Foreign Investment Council. In his speech, he focused on key initiatives aimed at improving the investment climate, including legislative reforms, simplification of business registration procedures and creation of favorable conditions for foreign investors.

Mr. Denis Sokolov from Commonwealth Partnership took the role of moderator in several plenary sessions. During his presentation, he shared the outcomes of these sessions, highlighting the main points and key achievements.
Mr. Jan Koscinski, Head of the Regional Economic Service emphasized the importance of active participation of French companies in discussing strategic issues related to investment climate and economic development of Uzbekistan. He noted that the participation of French companies in the Tashkent International Forum contributed to the exchange of experience and strengthening of partnership relations.

The Economic Chamber France-Uzbekistan is grateful to all those present for their active participation and contribution to the success of the meeting. Her Exxellence Mrs. Ambassador expressed confidence that such initiatives will continue in the future, contributing to further development and strengthening of economic ties between France and Uzbekistan.